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Types of Claims

A claim occurs when an unfortunate incident happens to cause loss or damage to an insured person and/or property. “The insured” will be entitled to cover under policy of insurance, depending on the circumstance giving rise to the loss and the limits of cover provided by the insurance.

It is important that all claims are settled quickly and fairly so as to minimise any disruption to you or your business. Claims fall into one or two categories, or a mixture of both:

  • Claims by
  • Claims against


What to Do

Both categories require that certain procedures be followed to ensure the process runs efficiently:

  • Record all details of the incident or
  • Report claims promptly to your insurer or
  • Complete claim forms and forward with applicable documentation (such as quotes and proof of loss) where

Remember to:

  • Minimise loss by securing premises/vehicle to prevent further
  • Never admit liability as this is up to your insurers to accept or
  • Communication is important, as quickly as possible after the


Handling Third Parties

Whatever the claim type, you must make sure to gather all the right information at the time of the incident, and pass it on to your adviser or insurer immediately, or as soon as practicable. Doing this means your claim can be actioned quickly and efficiently – maximising the service provided and minimising the impact on you.

Incidents with Third Parties

If you have an incident with a third party, your response should be:

  • All care, no responsibility
  • Making all staff (where applicable) aware of how to react


Do’s and Don’ts

Below are lists of what you should and shouldn’t do in the event of an incident with a third party.


  • Show sympathy and sincere interest
  • Render any assistance, including medical assistance
  • Gather all information
  • Gather any witness statements and tenant observations
  • Take photographs
  • Settle small claims on the spot


  • Admit liability
  • Mention insurance
  • Volunteer information
  • Fill out form in their presence
  • Put any negative statements on the form

After Advice or A Quote?

Optimum Insurance Services are qualified insurance advisers. We welcome all enquiries in relation to our insurance products and services. To obtain advice or a competitive quotation enquire online. If you would like to discuss your specific needs further, please call 1300 739 861 and speak with our friendly and helpful advisers.

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Insurance Guide eBook Cover


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